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Here at Blossoms we understand the importance and advantages brushing teeth at a young age can have.


Brushing teeth is an effective method of reducing tooth decay and its benefits can be maximized, if brushing with toothpaste is started early in a child’s life, supervised by an adult at least twice a day with a higher concentration of fluoride toothpaste. Good habits developed in early childhood can have a great impact on a child’s future health.

Many parents struggle to brush young children’s teeth at home and parents who have children in nurseries where brushing programmes have been implemented, report that their children are much more enthusiastic about having their teeth brushed at home.


Teeth brushing at Blossoms has been rolled out in our nursery for every child including our babies. We brush our teeth twice a day after dinner and tea, the teeth brushing session is accompanied by a teeth brushing song to really get your child interested and to give it a go!

It is still important that you encourage your children to brush their teeth at home the last thing at night and on one other occasion.

For further information please speak to the nursery manager.

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