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Here at Blossoms we promote mindfulness within the setting, evidence shows that mindfulness can decrease stress, anxiety and feelings of depression.

In particular, mindfulness in settings has shown that using these practices frequently, can achieve lower levels of stress and higher well-being scores. But mindfulness isn’t just about helping children manage their mental health.


Children at home or at nursery you'll have noticed, exist almost entirely in the present moment, so teaching them how to be more in control of it is a key life skill.

“The early years are so fundamental to developing emotions. It’s so important to be in the moment, but also for children to be able to identify what they are feeling and when they need to take time out. It’s also about learning how to be kind to themselves and others.”


As a parent, we don't need to tell you that young children can have VERY intense feelings. These can sometimes lead to outbursts of anger or frustration, or perhaps being withdrawn. Helping children to break the cycle of emotion and learn techniques to calm themselves is an essential life skill and mindfulness can help with this too.


At Blossoms all of our staff are trained on mindfulness and how to promote this within our daily practice, for further information please speak to a member of staff or alternatively you can find a lot of information on

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