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Healthy eating

Healthy Eating Means Healthy Minds


We believe that meal times should be relaxed, social, calm and friendly. It is a time when a great deal of learning takes place. Hopefully in this environment children will enjoy meal times, and therefore will be encouraged to eat the healthy balanced diet that is provided for them.

Our wholesome and nutritionally balanced 4 week rolling menus are specially designed to give your little one the very best start in life. We make this possible by supplying our children with home cooked nutritional food, bursting with fresh fruit and vegetables and all the essential ingredients necessary for healthy physical and mental development. 

At Blossoms we provide the children with a morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and tea. We work very closely with the parents and the children to provide meals that are nutritious, and that they will enjoy.

We encourage the children to sit at the table with their friends using polite table manners and making meal times a pleasurable experience.

Our menus are produced twice a year, reflecting the time of the year, cultural festivals and children’s likes! We continually strive to ensure our children have a varied and balanced diet at all meal and snack times

Special dietary requirements

We cater to any food requirements that your young ones might need. Whether it’s gluten free, dairy free, or halal, we’ll make sure your child is eating delicious, healthy meals. If your child has any other special requirements, feel free to get in touch to ask what kind of meals we can provide for your child.

Download our Autumn/Winter Menu to get a real taste of the varied and tasty meals your child could be enjoying.

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